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Database Integration

Integrating Internet site off-line systems such as warehouse management systems, price lists, etc. to date remains one of the most popular of Web technologies.

Home pages or web sites, business cards are now the essential attribute of modern business, however, rapidly growing Internet market dictates its laws.

Through integration with the site 1C, corporate database or office programs, your site will always be fresh information, you can always fill up, edit or delete. You will be able to change prices or items in the online catalog, place the latest news, etc.

Greatest impact may bring website integration with existing embedded systems, for example, with a system of inventory control. If you need an online store, then change the information about the presence / absence or number of products in stock by hand, to say the least, exhausting. We can combine your stock control system and an online store. Accordingly, if you change the information in your warehouse database, the changes are reflected immediately on the website. Accordingly, when buying from an online store, and change the database state warehouse.

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