"Itaccent" - internet solutions for your business

Creation of websites

We provide a full range of services to create new sites and support already existing sites, redesign, and promotion on the Internet.

If you order the site, you will receive:

  • stylish design;

  • convenient system of content management;

  • scalable solution;

  • unlimited audience and access to new markets;

  • two months of technical support for free!

Web Design

Professional designers will create high quality design that matches your company's style and the latest trends in the world of Web-based technologies.

System upravlneiya site.

Designed for your convenience, content management system will allow:

  • change the text content of the site;
  • change the structure of your site, add and remove pages;
  • restrict access for different groups of users;
  • edit news, product catalogs, price lists;

Websites in our control system can be installed on virtually any hosting. Technical requirements for hosting are not high, so your site is always fast. The modular architecture of your site can be expanded in the future, and through the use of open source, you are not tied to any single development team. The system is designed so that programmers, even with her friends it was easy to modify and extend.

Support for Internet sites

You have a website, it is informative, modern and comfortable for visitors. But that it was always so, it must maintain up to date - post-date information, answer your questions, post news, etc. All this work, you can request our specialists.