"Itaccent" - internet solutions for your business

Market research on the Internet

  • As your field of activity is presented on the Internet?
  • Which of the partners or competitors already have their own websites? How long do they work?
  • What is their policy on the internet?
  • Which are already in the industry WEB-sites?
  • Goals, objectives and audience of the site
  • Analysis of the structure and site navigation. Proposals for simplicity and ease of use
  • Corporate style website (Does a professional, associated with the corporate style, design?)
  • Quickly if the site is working, convenience and frequency of updates.
  • Positioning Online Resources
  • Properly conducted a registration in catalogs and Internet search engine?
  • Is the site of an exchange of banners and does it make sense?

Advertising companies

  • Do you have an approved advertising campaign on the Internet?
  • Do you use a commercial banner ad? Do the current level of your banners?
  • Do you know the audience of advertising platforms?

Statistical analysis

  • How many visitors to the site? How often do they come back?
  • Whence came the visitors: which sites, search engines, from what regions?
  • Who are your visitors? Are visitors to the target audience?
  • What information is most interesting to visitors?