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Advertising on the Internet

Advertising on the Internet

One of the youngest, but also the most effective forms of advertising today is an Internet advertising (for example, one of our projects after the advertising campaigns and search engine optimization for the year increased sales by 70%). Advertising campaign includes a number of measures to increase sales by attracting to your site targeted visitors.

Benefits of PPC

  • You get targeted visitors. Your ad will be shown only to those interested in the topic.
  • Geo-targeting. Advertising campaigns for visitors from certain countries, regions and cities.
  • Pay for performance. You do not pay for impressions, for transitions to the target site.
  • Savings. The ability to set the price for the visitor.

Contextual Advertising VS Search engine optimization

  • Unlike search engine optimization, the use of contextual advertising site begins immediately, while the search engines take time to index the site (typically 1-2 months).
  • Contextual advertising allows you to attract customers with search queries related topics. For example, if your site offers a holiday in the ski resorts in the Czech Republic, it is possible that your potential customers will be visitors who searched for "holiday in Germany." But on your site there is no information about Germany, and accordingly, your site will not be in the search results. Help to resolve this issue advertising.

Advertising sites

We conduct advertising campaigns, both Russian and foreign advertising markets. Among them:

  • Yandex is by far the largest Russian search engine, and has more than 2.5 million visitors a day.
  • Runner is a system of advertising by keywords on the best sites Runet:
    1. Bots
    2. Catalogs
    3. Special editions
    4. Mailing lists

    Our company is an authorized dealer of the regional runner (certificate № 2005-018). The state employs certified professionals (certificate № 6072-8026527720).

  • Google now occupies a leading position among the world's search engines. Advertise this resource allows you to quickly find foreign partners.

By contacting us, you can count on the professionalism, creativity and high impact advertising. There are professionals.


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